Hypersensitivity reactions to metal implants: clinical, diagnostic and treatment overview

Sneha Ghunawat, Vineet Relhan, Vijay Kumar Garg


A Clinical Study Of Therapeutic Efficacy and Safety Of Oral Tranexamic Acid In Melasma

Jitendra Kumar garg, Rajkumar kothiwala, Ashok meherda, Lokesh chawla, Ankit mehra, Deepak bohra, Pratima gupta, Priyanka meena, Anju

The Spectrum of Genodermatoses in Early Neonates of Western Rajasthan

Paras Choudary, Rajesh Dutt Mehta, BC Ghiya, Divya Sharma

Comparative study of clinical efficacy and side effects of oral isotretinoin as daily conventional dose and fixed low dose regimen in moderate to severe acne.

Rachita Mathur, Hemant Vasant Talanikar, Mahendra Singh Deora, Rajeshri Kharat

Evaluation of serum zinc, iron profile and vitamin D in females of reproductive age group with diffuse hair loss: A case control study.

Malakar Surit, Singh STP Bhabani, Jena K Ajaya, Kar R Bikash


Significance of a simple bedside test in the early diagnosis of a rare case of Kaposiís varicelliform eruption

Rajeshwari Dabas, Eeshaan Ranjan, Sandeep Arora, Navya Donaparthi, Aradhana Rout

Comparison of two eutectic mixture of local anaesthetics for reducing pain during micro-needling: A hemiface, cross-over analysis of a few cases

Ghazal Ahmed, Dharmendra K. Mishra

Cutaneous ulcers due to pentazocine abuse

Dr. Swastika Suvirya, Dr. Sucheta Pathania, Dr. Kiran Preet Malhotra, Dr. Parul Verma, Dr. Ajit Kumar


Cutaneous Larva Migrans - A Case Report

Dr. Barkha Goel, Dr. Kishor Singh, Dr. Savita Agrawal, Dr. Sonal Jain, Dr. Srishti Agrawal

A rare case of Angioma Serpiginosum.

Dr. Satyendra Kumar Singh, Dr. Nidhi Singh Dr. Tulika Rai, Dr Ayushi Bohara


Comparative Stusy of Two Different Concentrations of Koh for Isolation of Dermatophytes on Direct Microscopsy

Kailash Sharama, Dinesh Mathur