A case of congenital erythropietic porphyria

Dr Tulika Rai, Dr Prakriti Shukla

Carbon Baby Syndrome: A rare case report

Dr. B.B. Mahajan, Dr. Jyoti Budhwar, Dr. Parul Chojer, Dr. Chetna Singla

Capecitabine Induced Hand-Foot Syndrome

Dr. Astha Sharma

Disseminated Tufted Angioma

Mohd Mohtashim, Syed Suhail Amin, Mohammad Adil, Noora Sayeed, Tasleem Arif

A Case Report With Review Of Literature On Pyoderma Faciale In Pregnancy – A Therapeutic Dilemma

Rahul Kumar Sharma, Susanne Pulimood, Dincy Peter, Leni George


Dermoscopic Study Of Primary Cutaneous Amyloidosis –New Cartwheel And Horse-shoe Pattern Revealed

Rahul Kumar Sharma