Year: 2018 I Volume: 2 I Issue: 1 I Page:

A Case Report With Review Of Literature On Pyoderma Faciale In Pregnancy A Therapeutic Dilemma

1 Department Of Dermatology Christian Medical College Vellore

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma
Consultant dermatologist, Ajmer.


Pyoderma faciale is a rare facial dermatosis. It is characterized by a fulminating course of facial inflammation consisting of numerous pustules, cystic swellings and coalescing sinuses in young women. It has to be differentiated from acne and rosacea. The aetiopathogenesis of pyoderma faciale is not yet identified. It has been associated with pregnancy in a few cases. We report a case of a primigravida who presented with sudden onset of pustules and cystic swellings over the face with no prior similar history which was diagnosed as pyoderma faciale. In view of her pregnancy, systemic retinoids which is the treatment of choice was contraindicated and so was treated with tapering doses of oral steroids in combination with topical therapy. There was complete resolution of symptoms with treatment and a good obstetric outcome.

Key words:Pyoderma Faciale, Pregnancy