Hypertrophic Lichen Sclerosus over glans with granulamatous lymphocytic vasculitis : A rare presentataion

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Vinita Garg
Resident Doctor
Dept. OF Nephrology, SMS Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur
Email: doc.vinitagarg@gmail.com


Lichen Sclerosus is an inflammatory scarring dermatosis, characterized by a lymphocytic response, that has a predilection for the genital skin in both sexes. It is a chronic lymphocyte-mediated skin disease of unknown, but presumed autoimmune etiology because LS can present with concomitant classical autoimmune diseases and the occurrence of tissue-specific antibodies. Cutaneous lymphocytic vasculitis is a controversial and not widely accepted term. True lymphocytic vasculitis refers to infiltrates of lymphocytes in and around the vessel walls, accompanied by fibrin deposition. Here we present a case of hypertrophic lichen sclerosus with lymphohistiocytic infiltration and epitheloid cells.